I received my first digital camera in 1998 while pregnant with my first child.  Our families were all in Alabama and Mississippi, while we lived in Texas.  We were able to capture the entire pregnancy and email pictures to our families and friends allowing them to share in our joy. 


In 2005 we moved to Kentucky and my children were competitively dancing and playing softball.  Fast-paced pictures, called for a better camera and for Christmas I received my first DSLR.  I named myself "team photographer" and took hundreds of pictures that I was able to share with our families as well as team members. 


Fast forward a few years and we came back to Texas.  My children picked up swim team and my oldest daughter made her intermediate school cheer leading squad.  Once again I named myself "team photographer" and captured hundreds of precious memories.  I went from emailing pictures to posting on Facebook.


The cheerleader transitioned to high school dance team and the swimmer picked up orchestra.  I had to learn how to take pictures in a dark auditorium as well as on the side-lines of the football field.   Soon thereafter, I was approached by some of the football players.  If I was on the field taking photos of the girls, couldn't I take pictures of them too? 


I started off just taking a few shots of my daughter's close friends; but then as word spread, I once again became the "team photographer" , shooting pictures of all the players.  I wouldn't make it home from the game before players and parents alike were texting asking when their pictures would be uploaded to Facebook.  I received no greater pleasure than when profile pictures of their various social media platforms were changed to one of my latest shots.  I was also able to capture memories for a few special players that didn't get to play often.  These are some of my favorites because they mean so much to the boys and their families.


Social media limits photographic quality and I could not keep up with all the friend requests from people I didn't really know.  In addition, there is nothing like a printed copy of your favorite photo hanging on your wall.  In 2016 Elizabeth McCarty Photography was established in order to share not only the digital copies, but allow for prints to be ordered as well.  As a thank you to all the players and parents that helped Elizabeth McCarty Photography get off the ground, a portion of sales from some galleries is returned to the applicable booster club. 


Primarily an event photographer, I am able to capture all of your photography needs.  From Sweet 16 to Senior Portraits, Homecoming and Quinceneras, Head Shots and Family Photos, and don't forget our four-legged friends, I am the photographer for you.  


Never one to sit back and rest, I am continuously taking classes and learning new techniques in order to improve my photography skills.  I also learn a lot from talking to other photographers and just trying new techniques with my customers.  I do not have a studio but shoot on-location.