Elizabeth McCarty Photography originally started as a hobby 20 years ago when my eldest daughter started dancing. It evolved through the years when my younger daughter moved into swim.  Capturing photos of them and their teammates was a joy and gave my girls more confidence in their abilities. They were able to see how hard they were working and how much fun they were having.  I wanted to be able to share my talents with others and give them and their children that same confidence and happiness that our family had experienced.  


My dancer made her high school dance team and the swimmer picked up orchestra.  I had to learn how to take pictures in a dark auditorium as well as on the side-lines of the football field.   Soon thereafter, I was approached by some of the football players.  If I was on the field taking photos of the girls, couldn't I take pictures of them too?  I wouldn't make it home from the game before players and parents alike were texting asking when their pictures would be uploaded to Facebook.  I gained no greater pleasure than when profile pictures of their various social media platforms were changed to one of my latest shots.  I was also able to capture memories for a few special players that didn't get to play often.  These are some of my favorites because they mean so much to the boys and their families.

Social media limits photographic quality and I could not keep up with all the friend requests from people I didn't really know.  In addition, there is nothing like a printed copy of your favorite photo hanging on your wall.  In 2016 Elizabeth McCarty Photography, LLC was established.  With it came my website, a studio and increased product offerings, enabling clients to be able to enjoy and share high quality images and prints with their friends and family across the world.


During the fall of 2016, I developed my first modeling team, the McCarty Boys.  There were multiple avenues for girls to be a part of modeling teams in our area, but no one else focused strictly on the guys.  The McCarty Boys is a group of senior guys from around the Clear Lake area. I've found they have just as much fun with photos as the girls do.  The McCarty Boys challenged me to find new locations and poses.   They taught me how to be adventurous and flexible.  Finding locations for girls is relatively easy - there is always a set of flowers or cute coffee shop in which to  capture treasured memories.  It was sometimes tough to find a good balance  between the "coolness" factors the boys wanted versus the traditional images their parents envisioned.  With these teams, I feel I have succeeded in finding that balance.


Over the past 6 years, Elizabeth McCarty Photography has grown from simply a hobby to a professional studio which offers  professional headshots, green screen offerings and other product lines.  Primarily an event photographer, I am now able to capture all of your photography needs.  From Sweet 16 to Senior Portraits, Team photos and Banners, Homecoming and Quinceneras, Head Shots and Family Photos, as well as our four-legged friends, I am the photographer for you.  


In 2018 I was recognized as the Volunteer of the Year for the Clear Creek High School Football Team for my photography work.  I was chosen as the Event Photographer for the CCISD Hall of Honor Inaugural Celebration in 2017 and have captured the event every year since. 


Never one to sit back and rest, I am continuously taking classes and learning new techniques in order to improve my photography skills.  I also learn a lot from talking to other photographers and just trying new techniques with my customers.  I am a member of the Professional Photographer Association and the Professional Photographer Guild of Houston.